Wesfarmers, EVOL LNG Road tankers

 Wesfarmers Road TrainWesfarmers Road TrainCryeng Group has successfully completed the design and manufacture of a number of LNG road tankers for Wesfarmers, EVOL to transport LNG up and down the West Australian coast. The tankers were locally designed to maximise LNG payload within the pocket road train configuration weight and dimensional limitations.


The Cryeng Group tankers utilised a ground breaking form of insulation material offering extended holding times and less maintenance than existing forms of insulation. This was significantly important to our customer looking for long hold times during empty return runs to ensure that the tanker did not vent unwanted flammable gasses to the environment during operation. Ongoing operation has proved this new form of insulation to be extremely effective.


Cryeng offer a range of custom designed trailers to suit each individual customers requirements. Using 3D Modelling and the latest finite element analysis (FEA) packages we offer an optimised solution, minimising trailer weight to maximise the allowable payload, whilst still offering a rugged low maintenance design. Cryeng pride itself of offering a package containing the best quality components designed to work together to provide a safe, ergonomic and easy to use tanker package.


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