QCLNG VIP - Project Completion

QCLNG Project CompletionQCLNG Project Completion

Cryeng Group have successfully completed the QCLNG Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP) project consisting of 4km of VIP ranging in size from 150NB to 1350NB and were manufactured for the LNG facility on Curtis Island, off the coast of Gladstone. Cryeng Group were awarded the contract to design and manufacture the VIP by EPC contractor Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals Inc. 

Cryeng Group specialise in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects for Cryogenics and Oil & Gas Customers. Cryeng Group’s highly experienced project managers, engineers and quality control team guided the projects to successful delivery. The team held regular progress meetings, submitted the required documentation and inspected and tested the fabrication of the spools to ensure they were built to the highest possible standard. The VIP was fabricated on schedule in the Cryeng Thailand facility meeting the Client’s stringent manufacturing procedures, testing procedures and documentation standards to ensure Code compliance

Cryeng Group also successfully designed and manufactured 4 x 275kL Vacuum Insulated Ethylene Storage Drums for the QCLNG Project that were fabricated in Ipswich, Australia by our sister company Maxcon Industries, in 2013. The ethylene drums were designed and manufactured in accordance with Bechtel approved procedures and delivered to the Curtis Island site.

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