Air Liquide, Air Gas Road tankers

Cryeng Group has completed the design and manufacture of a combination of semi-trailers and rigid tankers for Air Liquide. The semi-trailer tanker has been designed for use with multiple products including liquid oxygen requiring valving and component materials selection suitable for use with LOX. The Cryeng Group tankers include on board transfer pumps suitable for the transferred product and required flowrates, flowmeter and totaliser as well as a pressure raising coil. The semi-trailer incorporates heavy duty BPW running gear featuring an EBS braking system incorporating ABS and anti-rollover stability control within its sophisticated system. The trailer is also fitted with a rear Ringfeder coupling for use within a road train assembly.

ALWA Road TankerALWA Road Tanker

Cryeng offer a range of custom designed trailers to suit each individual customers requirements. Using 3D Modelling and the latest finite element analysis (FEA) packages we offer an optimised solution, minimising trailer weight to maximise the allowable payload, whilst still offering a rugged low maintenance design. Cryeng pride itself of offering a package containing the best quality components designed to work together to provide a safe, ergonomic and easy to use tanker package. All Cryeng Tankers are fully compliant with all Australian codes and standards.

Please contact us for any further information on your road tanker enquiries.

ALWA Road TankerALWA Road Tanker     ALWA Rigid TankerALWA Rigid Tanker

AWARD - Outstanding Performance in Support of the APLNG Project - Bechtel 2013

Award from BechtelAward from Bechtel

Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals Inc Recognises Cryeng Group for "Outstanding  Performance in Support of the APLNG Project"

Cryeng Group have been awarded a trophy from US EPC giant Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals Inc. for “Outstanding Performance in Support of the APLNG Project”. The $24.7bn APLNG project, involves the development of substantial CSG resources in the Surat and Bowen Basins; building a 450km gas transmission pipeline; and construction of a multi-train LNG liquefaction facility on Curtis Island, is an EPC Contract managed by Bechtel which will see LNG shipped around the world.

Cryeng Group specialise in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects for Cryogenics and Oil & Gas Customers and was awarded the contract for the design and fabrication of 4km of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) for the APLNG Project, following the successful delivery of a similar project for QCLNG. The APLNG VJP Spools ranged in size from 200NB to 1500NB and were provided for the LNG facility on Curtis Island, off the coast of Gladstone. Cryeng Group’s highly experienced project managers, engineers and quality control team guided the projects to successful delivery. The team held regular progress meetings, submitted the required documentation and inspected and tested the fabrication of the spools to ensure they were built to the highest possible standard. The VJP was fabricated on schedule in the Cryeng Thailand facility meeting the Client’s stringent manufacturing procedures, testing procedures and documentation standards to ensure Code compliance

Cryeng Group also successfully designed and manufactured 2 x 288kL Vacuum Insulated Ethylene Storage Drums for the APLNG Project that were fabricated in Ipswich, Australia by our sister company Maxcon Industries, in 2013. The ethylene drums were designed and manufactured in accordance with Bechtel approved procedures and delivered to the Curtis Island site.

Completion of APLNG - Vacuum Jacket Piping Project

Cryeng has completed it's Vacuum Jacket Piping for Bechtel APLNG Project